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Billy R. Hurt
    This is our daughter Karen's oldest of two sons, and our first grandson, Billy R. Hurt. He is 22 years old and in his fifth year at the University of Tennessee. He has one more year to complete his Doctorate in Pharmacology.

Billy's hobbies are, playing the guitar, computers and art.
    Billy started playing the guitar at twelve years of age and has played at the prestigious Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention, played before The Thumb and Fingerstyle Guitar Players Association and the Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association. His art is amature, but good. His likes to draw sports cars, which he has started drawing in color on plexiglass.


This is Jason Davis Denham, the son of Ken and Cathy Davis Denham, our son and his wife. What can I say, he's the smartest, most talented, most beautiful four year old in the world... well, at least in our world. :^)


This is GREGORY SHANE HURT, our daughter Karen's youngest son. He is 19 years old and recently graduated from the Family Christian Academy. He played Little League Baseball, earning MVP awards all five years. He played basketball for Ooltewah Baptist Church and Football for Harrison Football League. His athletic activities has kept him from being an active musician, although he did play beginner saxaphone with the Hunter Middle School Band and drums for our church choir.

Shane's hobbies are fishing, hunting and bowling. Shane is still undecided about his future vocation. He loves to ride his Suzuki Katana 600 sportcycle.